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Client Command, Rolfe Schnur and RPM introduce a powerful program for racers to earn sponsorship dollars through their relationships with NEW Car Dealers

Concord, NC- In a world where it has become increasingly more difficult to find sponsorship, Client Command has joined forces with RPM Dealer Services and Rolfe Schnur Motorsports Marketing to provide a program that can bring sponsorship for racers, race tracks or sanctioning bodies. If you are sponsored by or have a relationship with a New Car dealer, you may be eligible for up to $250,000 in sponsorship money.


“Client Command is excited to team up with Rolfe Schnur and RPM Dealer Services in an effort to help racers achieve their sponsorship goals,” said Client Command, CEO/President Jonathan Lucenay.  "We truly understand how important sponsorship is for racers to succeed. Our program brings guaranteed revenue to New Car Dealers and money to racers. It’s a Win-Win situation!”


“I have been searching for a company for a long time that understands how effective racing can be to build a car dealer’s business, “added Rolfe Schnur. “Client Command is that company. What is so amazing about this program is that the racer does no selling, they simply introduce us to the Dealer. Once the introduction is done…Client Command and RPM Dealer Services comes in and does the rest.”


If you are seeking sponsorship for the 2016 season and beyond take a look at what Client Command is introducing…a rock solid program that is time tested and brings guaranteed revenue to NEW Car Dealers and an opportunity for you to earn sponsorship money. For more information and to see if you can become a part of the growing Client Command Racing Team please call Rolfe Schnur at (954)224-8661.


Client Command from Summit Resources has a proven success rate with dealers and OEM’s nationwide. Founded in 1999, Summit Resources serves over 1,500 automotive clients across North America. Headquartered in Cumming, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, Summit has been featured on the Inc. Magazine 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America

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